​Dre McLeod

My Name is Dre and I started Too Legit to Quilt in 2012.  In the beginning, it was just about making quilts, but in the years since, it has evolved to mean so much more.  Read below about each layer of my mission with TLTQ.

ART- I care about art and the impact that it has on us all!  Art is a positive thing…it can be therapeutic, it helps us to express ourselves, to record our history, it can make us think, and it can bring us together!  Intention is important to me so I ensure everything I make carries special meaning.  This is why I use symbolism in my work and I hope the meaningfulness resonates with you.  I love what I do and I pour lots of that love into each piece I make.  That is why I continue to work with my hands.  Each quilt is pieced by machine and quilted by hand, by me.  The pillows are made by me and are hand finished.  Each patch is cut by hand and machine reinforced.  Each piece that you purchase from me is filled with that unique love and I hope you feel it when you take a Too Legit to Quilt piece into your loving home.  

CONSERVATION- Caring for ourselves and our Earth is important.  With this in mind, I try to be conscious of the waste that I create and that is created by us all.  I use mostly repurposed fabrics, rather than newly produced ones.  Garments that I attach handmade patches to are always purchased secondhand.  This allows you to express yourself while minimizing newly manufactured goods (which can be detrimental to people and the environment).  Although I am exploring alternatives for pillow stuffing, I currently use polyester stuffing and fabric scraps that are produced from my work (so nothing ends up in a landfill).  I use recycled packaging materials so long as they allow your purchased items to arrive safely and without damage!  By minimizing the use of newly manufactured goods and materials, we are also minimizing the amount of resources (paper, water, etc) used and the amount of waste that would go into the trash!  I hope that you will support this initiative to reduce, reuse, recycle!

LOVE- Caring for ourselves means caring for each other too!  I love people, and doing my best to help others makes me feel good, and hopefully makes them feel good too!  With this in mind, I donate 10% of sales to various community organizations and charities!  So by purchasing from me, you are not only buying something unique and made with love, you are also sending out some love to your fellow human beings who really need it!


Thank you!